A Boho Thanksgiving

Baby, it's chilly.....outside! Thanksgiving is just days away maybe a "new look" this year or just some inspiration. Steal this GTG look. Layer multi-colored tablecloths, paisley scarfs, throw blankets whatever you can get your hands on and pick it up by either mixing sets of china or choosing a color from a palette that is polar to what is beneath it. Add napkins or drying towels that have no relation to anything else and a caravan of glam is born.

Here we used Juliska's Country Estate pattern in blue and white on top of Le Jacquard Francais Tablecloths layered as well, as I did not have a large enough one to cover. Or........just blow it out like we did last Thanksgiving with 6ft Bay leaf garlands from Mcfadden Farms that leave your home until Christmas in a delicious state of Bay and then years of seasoning to come. The traditional table features Royal Copenhagen Mega fluted plates all available in one click from our SHOP!

The inspiration for us has been the BEST book Haute bohemians by Miguel Flores-Vianna.

Don't panic got to our SHOP and get it all!

Happy Layering!!!!
Charles Peed


Charles Peed

Lovely images. Have French jacquard table cloths. Had not thought of layering. Any information about green & cream pottery in your full page ad, Spring, 2019 issue of Milieu, p. 65? Thanks so much. e

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