Candy and Crests

Chinese export porcelain dessert plates and a creme ware sweetmeat compote make a perfect break. Around 1700 there became a demand for Chinese export porcelain in Europe as well as North America referred to as armorial porcelain featuring portraits of individuals as well as family crests. 
We like the simplicity of posies tied with a blue ribbon as the major theme of these dessert plates with the Armorial Crest resting on top. This particular crest features a couple of Griffins, a pair of shields, and a women 's portrait framed by flower petals.
To decipher the term "sweetmeat" seems so odd, just simply put is a candy compote housing sweets or crystallized fruits. Ours is a creamware sweetmeat compote purchased from our friends @bardithnyc nautical themed shells are supported by dolphins all supporting a Goddess type women clutching a cornucopia of flowers. 
Pretty amazing if you think about all this to serve candy. English Creamware appeared around 1750 in Staffordshire England earthenware with a glossy lead glaze. A personal favorite. To learn more please follow our friends at Bardith NYC
Charles Peed

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