Queens and Clay

The first time I went to Copenhagen I was completely seduced by the light, white linens and candlelight ever present even at the breakfast table. Still seduced to this day.
Since 1775 can you imagine the first Royal Copenhagen pattern to appear, every piece hand-painted since. A blue painter spends four years learning their craft since Queen Juliane Marie.  Proposed three blue wavy lines should be the factory's trademark. Today, the waves are marked on every piece of Royal Copenhagen-porcelain. 
Link to the Royal Copenhagen site for more of Royal Copenhagen's wonderful story. 
Another passion... Aptware. A faience patterned pottery named from the village in Provence from which it hails. It's really like "grown-up" doll dinnerware in its fanciful design and playful colors. 
The terrain in the area of Provence has a wide array of colored clay to the source. This particular craft dates to the mid Eighteenth century in France. 
Everything more delicious the table and the food which it serves.
These specific pieces come from Christine Jouval in Apt
Charles Peed

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