Storing your wares

Dishes are beautiful, cups, glasses, napkins silverware also. Why put them away in the cupboard? The orderly placement of objects no matter how grand or insignificant can produce an aesthetically pleasing display. Stack, group, line up, and pile multiples of just about anything are pleasing.

When storing your wares, you need to think about the access that it gives everyone, everyone including you, family members...."Mom where is the????" and any guest that does not want to impose themselves on you. Eliminate searching for plates or forgetting different china altogether because they are stored away, put them out and use them all.

If your fighting cupboard space, or just want to see all the beauty out in the open. Check out these great examples and if your feeling in the mood to shop for some of these beautiful dishes head over to our current GUSTO WHITE SHOP! 

It always helps to keep things the same color if you're displaying your dishes. White always works and you can get almost all of this at our GUSTO SHOP!
 If you're going to keep it all out, keep it all out... candlesticks, silverware, and the cookies. 


Charles Peed


Charles Peed

Dear Cris and Charlie, wishing you great success and fun in this new adventure. The site looks amazing, very easy to navigate, great aesthetic and beautiful project is and products. You two look very handsome, charming and professional in your pictures. Viva GTG! Lili

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