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GTG is a new partnership between Cris Briger & Charles Peed a mother and son interior design firm.From our incubator of design ideas, experience, do it yourself advice finds, entertaining ideas or just about anything to do with living with gusto we are here to help you GET THE GUSTO. 
Comfort is an overused word but what it really signifies is very important. It is not simply about good upholstery, high-thread-count sheets, superb mattresses, and well-placed lighting. Basically, comfort can be judged by how well an environment suits its purpose--in other words, how a house meets its obligation to bring ease of living to its occupants. 
Our challenge is to share our knowledge, sources, and likes with you.

Watch, read and engage with us so we can all GET THE GUSTO! 

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Charles Peed


Charles Peed

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Charles Peed


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